RC Airplane Tips

So I have been in this hobby for about a year now, and I got my first 3d aerobatic plane. Please give me tips on how to fly it on full throw without crashing this beauty.


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Hey! Congrats on getting that plane.

Make sure to check out some tutorials on YouTube on that specific airplane. Then try taxiing it for a few minutes, and when you’re feeling confident, you can just take it off, fly for about three seconds, and put it back down.
Continue doing this but then adding a few extra seconds to the time in the air. When you think you’re ready, you can make your first turn and land in the opposite direction. However, keep in mind that you should have little to no winds flying this beauty of a plane.
After practicing your turns and landing against the landing direction, you should be ready for your first pattern! When doing this, make sure to practice left and right downwinds, try doing a low pass every now and then.

Best of luck with your rc plane, stay safe:)


Welp, it looked like @Rian_OShea covered it all - make sure to follow his advice :)

Just don’t crash it like he did last time (I know, I know; it wasn’t your fault), the winds were really strong last time.

So in conclusion, to avoid unnecessary crashes, don’t fly it in too strong winds.

Why would you look at this, I found a 2 year old picture of my old RC Edge 430!


Hello !
I‘ve got some RC aircraft, too :)
Try to fly sensitive first then you can try out more !


Is it an ARF aircraft? Or is it made of foam?

It was a mixture of the two, some of it was foam and some of it was ARF.

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Cool. I am not ready to fly ARF yet though. One day…

I have a small piper cub sport s version but there was some bug in the electronics which made it take off with full throttle without any control whatsoever and it got destroyed and almost hit a person… wasn’t a fun day…


I have the exact same plane… Let’s just say it’s been through a lot.


What are your previous planes?

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Mines Still flying good it’s just loops and rolls stress the wing

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I had a WLtoys Cessna 182 as my first, a mini apprentice as my second, a sports cub as my third, and the extra 300 is my fourth. I’m going to take it out flying today… wish me luck.


Honestly idk if you’re ready for a 3D plane just fly on low rates I’d suggest if you are otherwise you’ll over control

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Yeah, I put low rates on mine.

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I also have SAFE on my plane.


On the 3D plane?

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Yes, it does on a 3D plane

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Hmm safe is truely everywhere you should be alright once you’re up in the air

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