RC aircraft (Part 2)

RC aircraft (Part 2)

So I recently looked for the RC topic we had some time agao and I noticed that it’s closed. This is why I want to create a new one as there are some people around who also have RC aircraft and I’m interested in what they’re planning to do etc.
First off I started flying back in 2016 when I was 12 and I’ve got a Corsair (wingspan 1.2m) and a FMS Focke Wulf 190 (1.5m).
(I still have a Crack Camel which I’ve never flown with and my beginner aircraft but in my opinion they’re not mentionable haha)

Here’s a picture of the Corsair:

And here is my Focke Wulf 190 in its wing covers on:

I also had P-51D Mustang (1.5m) (Big Beautiful Doll) which I bought back in 2017. I flew it until 2019 when my friend, his parents and me went an RC aircraft hotel in the mountains of Austria. Everything was fine and it was extremely fun to fly there as the grass strip was on a hillside so you had a great view of the mountains while flying.
But day 3 was not our day. We went up (he took his P-47D (1.5m) and I my P-51D (1.5m) and started flying. It was extremely fun to see two warbirds passing by but then the moment came. We were both above the runway, he was inverted and I was right next to him. Then I quickly wanted to check my timer, looked up again and saw how his prop shaved my wing tip off. He also pushed me down and as we weren’t that high I had no chance to recover from the nose dive. Fortunately, he had at least the chance of an emergency landing far away.



After (you can literally see the prop damage on the left wing):

That’s all for now ! If you have questions feel free to ask me :)
Do you also fly RC aircraft if yes what aircraft do you have or what are you planning to do ? Don’t hesitate to tell us everything !

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Sorry guys the topic was in the wrong category:

@timo_power nice aircraft !
@Black_Bird not at the moment but I’ll comment when I got some :)


I have an RC F-4 Phantom, it has a 40 inch wingspan, its 61 inches long, super fun to fly, but it runs out of battery in around 7 minutes

here’s a photo

Screenshot 2021-09-02 8.44.10 AM


Wow looks great !

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Thanks man! And no, the photo isn’t flipped, the reason its upside down is…


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I know 😂 my friend is also flying stunts all the time haha


You sure you’re not in Australia?


any tips for me im just getting into larger crafts

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Buy someone you feel comfortable flying with :)

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