RayWang's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Tracking Thread!

About me:

My control Open Principle:

  • Every control stay open for at least 30 minutes

  • Every control will allow pattern work

  • All open the airports above have at least two parallel runways and do not have terrain restrictions


Coming for pattern.

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Thanks all for coming!@Leonard.Brownies

This is N186LZ. Here’s your feedback.

  1. You have a good understanding of every command (Didn’t test your sequencing ability 'cause of no other traffic);
  2. When I tried to land on the wrong runway (For test purpose, of course), you immediately found out and called me to go around. That’s impressive from all the TS ATC I saw;

Happy controlling!
Leon (ard)

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KSAN San Diego 27 in use Open pattern Welcome to stop by

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You just went offline?

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Nope I’m still here

Ah my phone die,Sorry I’m coming back

Its Alright, couldn’t stay for much longer too

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Closed thanks all for coming

I was JAY636 in the TBM

Everything was great!
Just one thing. After I called in for full stop, you did not give me a landing clearance.
Everything else was perfect!

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Check our ATC Schedule this week!!!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow I’ll be open for 2 events,make sure you check out our event and All the follow event will open for pattern!

welcome to join!

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OPEN Paris Orly (LFPO)

06/08/02 in use pattern work

Closed LFPO