Ray Wang ATC Tracking Thread 【CLOSED】


I am a members of ATC Education Group

ATC operations 4200+
Grade 5 Pilot

  • Every control stay open for at least 30 minutes

  • Every control will allow pattern work

  • All open the airports above have at least two parallel runways and do not have terrain restrictions

Will be active at on the Training Server will closely follow the ATC Education Group Featured Airport schedule.Thanks!


Great! And well done on the 4000 ops already!

I assume you are not controlling now?
It’s good practice to add [OPEN@airport] when you are opening somewhere.


OPEN KPHL TS T&G Pattern work!


Nice work there Ray! 👍🏼


Closed!Thanks all



TS T&G Pattern Work


CLOSEDThanks all


change the title to: [CLOSED] not [CLOSED] CYYC TS xD


T&G TS pattern work


Great work, thanks.


Yep, quick responses and I and was out quick.


CLOSED Thanks all🤜🤜


Great Job !
I like your fast responses, and the great awareness of all flights out there !
I liked your decisions .
You will be a great ATC :)
Thanks for the service


ZSPD Shanghai CHINA 🇨🇳TS T&G Pattern Work


I will be there


CLOSED Wi-Fi crash


Sorry for that


VHHH(VHXX)open APP&DEP Another ATCEG opens T&G pattern work


CLOSED T&G still open


This week’s featured airports are posted! ATC Education Group