Ravn Alaska officially closes its doors

The problem is that they were a lifeline to dozens of remote towns in Alaska.
And EAS subsidies are well, essential, in a state like AK.

It should be interesting to see who picks up the whats left. I’d say Empire with the ATR-42/72, but even then, without a doubt, many cities will lose scheduled air service altogether.
Sad Times.

Yeah man I get it that subsidies are needed in remote areas but not when your entire airline’s existence is on subsidies. For example Alaska Airlines has many profitable unsubsidised routes across the country but they also do subsidised onces like the Milk Run or flights to Kotzebue. I

Boutique and Contour run almost solely on subsidies, and they provide service to airports that the majors have abandoned, the subsidies not only make the routes viable, but they also help keep the costs for the consumer down, I don’t see a problem with an airline chasing subsidies, when the end result is lower fares, and more flight options. But anyways we are a bit OT.

I see where you are coming from definitely but unlike Boutique, Ravn was poorly managed and the service was bad. For example I recently flew from Oakland to Merced to LAX on Boutique and it was an amazing experience with great staff and management. But I don’t think that Ravn was the same at all. Hopefully, a new and better carrier will take their place.

So far Ryan and Grant have picked up the slack, the only issue with the ATRs that Empire has up here is they are FedEx feeders and suck in icing.

This right here. One issue that just was settled was the town of Barrow had a ton of freight, mail etc in the Ravn offices which NAC (Northern Air Cargo) used, when Ravn shut down they locked everyone stuff inside and it took a couple of days for Ravn to even do anything about it.

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Yup exactly I know that incident, I mean you would expect this sort of thing in big flag carriers but in a local regional airline that “cares” for their community. It is absolutely absurd. I think the beginning of the downfall of this airline was the purchase by the NYG and the rebranding to Ravn. We sort of expected this to happen but we just didn’t no when

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Completely agree, you’re not the only one who kinda saw it coming. After the Togiak accident I think that really help increase the downfall of Ravn then when they crashed the Saab in Dutch that was it.

Alaska Airlines replacement begins.

Full doc: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DOT-OST-2000-8556-0246


Great to see 737s back in Coldbay as a regular service! We typically get 737s down there for fishing season.

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So is the airline gone or will it still maybe come back

Its gone - If they come back its going be probably a new name and new management.


Oh that’s really sad

K bye

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Nooooooo. I loved the show Flying wild Alaska with the Tweeto family and era Alaska. I bet Jim is really mad with how the airline when bankrupt. Just typical big businesses ruining awesome smaller businesses

They probably really don’t care anymore, they made a ton of money when they sold the company lol


My company along with 100+ are currently protesting this

Ravn is officially up for sale

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Now’s my chance to buy and own an airline! 😛

I wonder if the person who buys it (hopefully me) will manage it better. Hope so, because I hate to see airlines go, wether it be finances or poor management.

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