Ravn Alaska officially closes its doors

I’d love to.

Temporarily :)

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Thankfully it won’t be temporarily, with the company now going into Chapter 11 no bank will probably give Pflieger a loan since he’s screwed a ton of other companies over and ruin them. Unless they get a new CEO and a new owner then yes.

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Oof. So, no more Ravn? 😢

I’m still waiting for them to say it (nothing against you, but I just like officialness from the people themselves :)


Nope this was the nail in the coffin, under Pflieger leadership the company went down hill. Now if the board of directors at Corvus replace its CEO then possibly but no way anyone is giving Pflieger a loan.


I lived in interior Alaska for 10 years, I now live elsewhere in the state, so I know how affected the rural communities are. Rav’n was the lifeline to many towns in Alaska, and there is a possibility that towns may now go hungry because of this.

I hope Rav’n gets underway again soon. For the sake of the state.

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They won’t. I just talked to one of their former sales people this evening and said they won’t attempt to restart.

Ravn did a good job at getting people mad at them last 6 years.

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That’s one thing they were good at 🤣

I’m just concerned for the small communities that just lost their only lifeline. I know what’s it’s like to live 200 miles away from a grocery store.

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Everyone has been incredible stepping up to support Alaska. We are supporting the Aleutians, Ryan is supporting Bethel and it’s regions, Northern Air Cargo; Everts will be ramping up. Little Ace is also supporting Bethel and other villages.

It’s getting fun, been on the phone with all of those guys today we’re working as a team to get people’s stuff needed.

Now the village issue has been in an insane thing with the Covid.

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As a great community of a page this let’s think
of the 1400 employees that just lost their jobs to support their kids and family. As a previous employee it’s really hard having two babies at home and 10 years of loyal service to the company. Gonna be hard for me to provide to my daughter’s birthday in 10 days the bashing and bad reminders is very hard to hear. Can we please change the comments for the better

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I’m sorry you have lost your job with Ravn. Hope you can find something very quickly. A lot of my friends lost their job with Ravn. (They found out from me Ravn shut down when I shared their article on Facebook)

I found out when the news article popped up on my phone

Yeah you weren’t the only one, my friend who was in the office found out too via Facebook.

It’s sad the way we all found out

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Where you around for the Shell Oil adventure in 2015? I worked for Shell at the time and we used Ravn to fly us to Barrow and to our Drill Sites, and I found out Shell was pulling out of Alaska via Facebook its not fun.

Oh yeah I was there for that to I believe we xrayed your bags

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Nice to see this. You going for it?


If anyone is interested Ravn is selling their Dash 8s lol

“Not eligible for CARES Act”


Oh yea, they’re done for the fact they’re still trying is laughable, There’s a petition to help support Ravn. I am not voting for it Ravn was bad for the State.

Yeah man as a classical libertarian the only thing they were doing was wasting taxpayer’s money so I am not that sad tbh.

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