Ravn Alaska DHC-8-103 Livery

Any thoughts or ideas guys
Not my photo


It depends if they’re making only the Q400 or the entire family

I hope they do the whole family. The 102 and 103 are great for smaller strips with an approach speed of about 96 knots


I hope the whole family comes becous we then have mire than one turboprop so no one can complane about to less turboprops

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Would be nice for all incoming Alaskan airports… ;)

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It is used for inside Alaska travel only

I like the Livery because is looks like te Norwegian flag norway is my home land

Nice Alaska is my homeland and I never even noticed the similarities. I hope they add the livery

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That’s why! ;)

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Me to my Alaskan bro

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Brining this one back in hopes of it being added

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