Ravn Alaska cancels flights after Cyber Attack

At least a dozen RavnAir flights in Alaska were canceled Saturday following what the company described as “a malicious cyber attack” on its computer network.

The cancelations affected around 260 passengers, said company spokeswoman Debbie Reinwand.

The regional carrier, which flies routes across much of Alaska, canceled all flights involving its Dash 8 aircraft, she said.

The cancelations hit at the peak of holiday travel in Alaska, with schools out and many families traveling in the state or Outside.

“While we continue to work with the FBI, other authorities, and a cyber security company, to restore affected systems, we are proactively cancelling all RavnAir Alaska Dash 8 flights until 12 noon today, and we expect to experience other schedule cancellations and delays within the RavnAir Alaska (Dash 8 Aircraft) network throughout the rest of the day because the cyber attack forced us to disconnect our Dash 8 maintenance system and its back-up,” the company said in a written statement. “Our PenAir flights and RavnAir Connect flights are still operating normally on back-up systems.”

It wasn’t immediately clear which routes had been canceled. Reinwand said the company would be issuing more updates later in the day.


Wow, a cyber attack on an airline causes a significant amount of cancellations? I wonder how the cyber attack was able to comprise the main systems of the airline, but that’s something.

The first cyber attack on an airline I’ve ever heard in my life, I wonder why those hackers are somehow now interested into hacking into the main systems of different airlines now :/.


Yeah Im interested in the FBI report if they ever release it on who caused this.


This is just another example of why technology isn’t 100% trustworthy. There’s been a lot of hacking into large companies, this is just another one in the ever-increasing amount of hacks into these companies.

I just hope everyone can get their holiday travels done after this is sorted out all the way.


I feel like it was the North Koreans

They did say they had a “Christmas present” for us

It says it could be a missile, but ya know, North Korea is also famous for computer hacking

They are also completely sure that the North Koreans did the Sony hacking.

Perhaps this could be a beginning to the “present” North Korea offers us? I mean it’s ruining our Christmas…

It could be like The 12 days of Christmas song and gift us “presents” each day

It’s just a theory tho


Let’s be very careful on theories specially here since it can blow up quickly

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