RAV Event "We're Back" @ KSFO - 221600ZMAY16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: RAV has been inactive for quite some time and I feel like RAV is being forgetten about, so, I have decided to make a “we’re back” event!

(You can attend this event if you are not part of RAV)


As RAV’s greatest Pilots I will attend this event.

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@FedoraPilot agreed!

What day is it?

Should I come? I though RAV was over.

@787Boy I can’t blame you, It’s just that life got in the way and I didn’t have time.

@FedoraPilot this event is tomorrow


i might join to help depends

Didn’t POSA and RAV amalgamate?

I think so.

@PlanesForLife and @787Boy please put this conversation in PM.

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😂Oh yea I forgot what chat this was on. Oops…

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