Rating Infinite Flight

we should give the devs our support by rating this app and giving it 5 stars!!!1 :)


Way ahead of ya :)


I saw yours

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4 because there isn’t reflector of the light on the ground I really want that

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@Cargoluxgroupceo… I’m not a member of the Dev Cult! I’ll use my own judgement and rate the change after I load the new update and evaluate it on my Pad. Max Sends

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Yeah @Henrik_B!image


Five stars. Oh yeah!

We absolutely encourage honest reviews (and we read them all). One thing though is that it is hard to give an accurate rating for such a complex app with only 5 levels.

We can’t force ppl to rate 5 stars each time and we don’t want to; that being said it is the best way to show support and you can still actually write all your feedback/comments in the review part.


@Philippe_Rollin… No intent to step on toe’s Phil. Just a gut reaction to some of the comments. I don’t call myself a “Curmudgeon” for no reason! Max Sends