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There was 9 kys of crosswind but it was the 857 so it was actually like 7363527252625kts. And it tilts the plane to where the engine is like touching the ground

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Hi there! Since this is a video it belongs in #screenshots-and-videos. Have a good day

Pssh. I’ve actually done 7363537252626knts!

all jokes aside, I would say I do the same things you did which I am merely proud of, nice takeoff

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Dang 7363537252626kts Is so much more lol.

Anyway thabk! I try to be as realistic as possible. All pilots take screen shots after takeoff. And IFR hey don’t then they aren’t real pilots

I don’t really want to have to write a whole description on a flight just to ask if someone likes my takeoff and if there is anything wrong with it

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You don’t have to do it exactly. You can say test flight or something and the aircraft and that’s it

Oh ok thanks

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