Rate this, 1-10 how much you like 20.2

tbh i rate it at 10/10 bc is like a pt 2 of the 20.1 tbh

10/10 20.2 is great

11/10. This update is amazing! I didn’t think I’d like the 777 family so much but I really do now. It allows me to do long hauls with the most up-to-date aircraft. Also, the feature to import flight plans is sooooooo useful as it allows me to make an FPL in advance before my flight and just paste it in IF with a few clicks. The open beta was also something which I adored.

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I’m gonna give it a 7 out of 10, just because I know for a fact that the next update is gonna top this one 🤪. I find it amazing how Infinite Flight, and even just technology in general, almost always finds a way to improve. This update is even better than the last one, and yet I know there’s still more to come!

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Hey @captain_trooper I made this for you :)

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yayyyy thx 😊

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No problemo glad to help a fellow community member ! also @captain_trooper you can put this in the original post to this thread.

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