Rate the New community Update

Oh now I got it. Just had to switch between desktop and mobile then back.

I see a baby blue. What about the same orange color to go with the “Flight” in the logo?

Smh hate this it’s not black friday


It looks too grey, but I’m getting kind of used to it. There should be an option to turn this off. My eyes burn when I activate night shift, but apart from that, nothing else to report.

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There was an update on this fourm? I see no difference, im on mobile.

Looks like this

Maybe try a refresh to see the new colour scheme

When was this update released? The color was like this all the time, dark blue. Or im going crazy. I see no difference.

The colour just… I don’t like it…

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I knew something was odd about the Reply button.

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I need to adjust. Hopefully this is temporary.

I love it. Thank you @philippe. This is best IF update so far.

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Tbh I liked the older colors more, even though the new colors are supposed to reflect IF’s style. It’s like the saturation is less than 10% on the new colors, the blues are almost gray :/


Nooooooooo, I can’t tell the colour, (( I’m a colour blind though…

Just some feedback:

You can barely tell the difference between a hyperlink and regular text. A difference in color would be nice. :)


Yes, I agree.

And the polls are different as well, just look.

  • I’m a horse
  • I’m a plane
  • I’m a human

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It makes me feel like color blind

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