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I’m not a big fan of arm-chair quarterbacking, but let’s go ahead and do exactly that. :)


Since little landing, slightly flared too much but I don’t blame the pilot as it would basically be both a natural reaction, and what you think would be best for the aircraft.

Can you possibly add more information on this thread rather than just post a link with a tiny opinion?


I agree with @Ecoops123, could have brought the plane a little lower before flaring but…

“A good landing is one you can walk away from”


I mean, no landing gear…id want to be as low as possible too before hitting the ground lol

Flared too early, it looked like he tried to shut down the engines before landing (which is probably wise) but did it too early and almost full on stalled onto the runway.

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This was a emergency landing without gear. I don’t think we can or should argue about things like smoothness of landing or how good the flare was. It was an emergency landing and it was very successful as far as I am aware.

Also in cases like this the following is very true in my opinion:


Media: “The aircraft was a Piper Small Plane

Did anyone else hear that in the video or just me?

Glad to see everyone was ok though.

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I think cases like this are exactly where the saying “any landing you can walk away from is a good one” virtually no way to prevent major damage to the plane in that case, so good job to the pilot for keeping everyone onboard safe and sound. Looks like no significant injuries, just a story to tell.


What? You have no knowledge whatsoever on what was through the pilots head, nor the proper procedures for landing that aircraft with no gear.

Natural reaction? It’s not a natural reaction to hit the runway hard, especially not for a supposedly seasoned pilot who operates more complicated aircraft.

For all we know, procedure said touchdown with a bigger flare to avoid landing flat on the fuel tanks. Perhaps he tried to land roughly to try to stop quicker. The longer you slide the more likely you are to catch on fire.

To me it looked like the pilot wanted to stop as quickly as possible and wanted to avoid direct damage to the underbelly of the aircraft upon impact.

Although these reason are unknown, I think it’s rash to judge a pilots emergency landing, especially from the standpoint of an amateur student pilot who has no experience making no-gear landings on that aircraft type.


No arguing on this thread brother. Just rate it, provide some feedback, and move on! :)


Yeah, just believe this isn’t really appropriate for such a emergency situation. Anyways, opinions shared and no problem for me!

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Let’s keep it light. He just provided some feedback on the wheels-up landing. There was nothing malicious in @Ecoops123 reply. :)

I never implied his reply was malicious, but rather that it was based on very little.

Albeit the point of this thread it to provide “feedback” with little merit or experience, but either way it’s no ones place to judge, only to understand.


@Will_A Judge is such a harsh word my brother. How about we evaluate it? The guy spilled all remaining lift from his wings at an undesirable height, and a dangerously high alpha. That impact could have ended much differently. I’m glad it didn’t. Here is how this could have gone:

BTW, all the info is in the link bro! Check it out and you’ll know as much as I do!
Also…i didn’t provide any opinions so not sure what you’re referring to. .

To be honest, I see you logic and point, and also since you have way more experience than me in General Aviation I’m really not one to put up a fight. He did sort of ‘thump’ it onto the ground, but I see where you’re coming from to use the most little continous ground contact as possible to avoid flames.

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