Rate the landing Auckland (NZAA), Alice Springs to (YBAS), Christchurch (NZCH)

Server: Expert
Aircraft type : Boeing 767-300
Operator: Qantas
Flight time:2 hrs and 32 minutes
Runway arrival: 20


I don’t believe we can rate pictures for a landing…


Nice shots! Position looks pretty good, but do we ignore spoilers carried into the flare?

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This plane is so underrated but it’s not bad much better than 717 in my opinion

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I agree! we shoudl definitely get this reworked, as many airlines are retiring them.

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Beautiful aircraft

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Yes I agree! It’s one of two aircraft I chose to focus on when I developed a pc based sim lots of years ago from the ground up to full functionality (I mean, obviously abbreviated functionality, but the physics, external model and cockpit instrumentation were all there to the extent allowed by the hardware of the time).

So, I may be biased, but I always go back for a second look at this wonderful aircraft!

btw, I particularly like the scenery framing in your first photo.

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Thanks to this awesome iPad Pro one camera with updated software 17.2