Rate my screenshots!

G’day IFC, thought i’ll post some of my screenshots here. Feel free to vote on which one you think is the best out of the 3.




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This is hard they all are amazing!


number 3 has to be the best :D

That was actually a parallel landing in KSFO with @Laura

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Great photos there, they’re all nice! I chose 3 because the lighting and angle was perfect.

What livery is that 777 on the 3rd photo?

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air france (right) and infinite flight livery 2015 (left)

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4/3 on how good they are!

5/10 on the size they are 😂

Nice shots!

The blue looks different from the IF one in-game. Maybe because of the lighting and editing.

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The last one is truly beautiful, however you could go a tad bit down with the sharpness.

Good work :)

Yes I did play around with saturation

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@Chris_Hoss I really like the photos! The second one is my favourite. Two powerful airlines and two powerful manufacturers. I love parallel landings!

Nice pictures 😍!

2 and 3 are amazing! I love both of them.

parallel landings are the best

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Very nice!

Good stuff. Just some advice make the title of the post more interesting this way you’ll get a lot more people to want to view them.

Number three, 100%!

I like 1 probably because of the dark colors. In image 3, the infinite flight 2015 livery doesn’t match (in my opinion)

@Chris_Hoss I gotta admit these screenshots are Fire!🔥🔥

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These shots are really good! LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! 😲

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