Rate my landing

You guys can tell my mistakes also
Thank you have a nice day:)


Little bit high on the approach but the landing was good so i will give 8.5/10


Thank You!

I give it a 9/10. I thought it was good, if you think you can improve then with time you will, it’s just a matter of practice. Remember, you don’t need to float on the runway and do a super mega butter landing, just landing is an achievement.

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Did it in cockpit view?

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I did it in the HUD view.

8/10 as mentioned in the previous comment it was a little high

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I’ll give a 7/10. Good landing but it would’ve been a 9/10 if you landed right on the touchdown markers

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Thing about floating is how much speed you have if the plane is to fast it’ll float once you begin the flare to slow you’ll hit the ground hard is all about energy management

Smoothness was good, it also looked like you flared it well. But it seems like you are going a bit fast and that’s why you almost overshot the aiming point and landing zone markers. 7/10 from me, not bad.

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Thanks sir!

Anyone can butter in HUD. Do it cockpit view and be more fulfilled.

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