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Low approach on solo with no winds into KMIA. I thought it was a pretty good landing except that I was a bit off the Centerline. Tell me what you guys think. Constructive criticism is accepted https://youtu.be/ap-jIFdaAWA

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Good landing! Only a few tips:

  1. Flaps 40 is only used for steep approaches, flaps 30 is used often on normal approaches
  2. Try to practice controlling the throttle manually with out having the autopilot doing it
    Other than that well done! You flared at the right time and it was a fairly smooth landing!

Thanks for the feedback


I would suggest keeping the autopilot throttle on until you’re at 200ft over the runway, without changing the maneuvering speed of the flap setting you have.
The you turn it off and control it manually.


@Swordfish, yes I totally agree. I use Auto Throttle also, just because it can compensate better than I can in things like turbulent conditions. It also takes a load away from me of having to keep adjusting the throttle lever while trying to stay aligned and on glide path.

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hot landing

makes mine look bad



Great landing! The only thing which I can say is to put your throttle to idle at about 10ft and glide the plane to a smooth landing rather than throttle up. However, I don’t fly the 737, like at all, but I do fly the a320 a lot and I know you are supposed to do that with the a320 so

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100% reverse thrust is never used, you can use much less depending on how quickly you need to exit the runway. Reverse thrust should be disengaged when ground speed is around 60 knots, and you slow down using your brakes from there.


Since the a320 family has ground effect you cut throttle before landing. Since the 737 series doesn’t yet have ground effect throttle is needed until touchdown.

Pretty great landing, but try to stay on your glideslope a little more, and don’t use brakes right on touchdown. :)

Happy Landings!

I read Aernout said that they could use 100% reverse thrust. Its somewhere in here.

Nice landing! You can use the throttle to control the glide slope.

Ps: Is AirShou safe?

I just downloaded air shou a few hours ago. I hope it’s safe

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Thats was a nice landing, very smooth. You went a lil low at the end tho, rise the nose a lil bit more to lower the decent rate.

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