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well its my planed flight



Common US route - but the scenery on departure with the Bahamas can be stunning.

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p.s i got image off google

Do LaGuardia to Orlando instead (I’m doing that route irl in a week)

Seems average to me no offence. Try flying big planes into Manchester with its considerably smaller runways to handle big arriving planes for eg the Emirates A380 making a daily appearance into Manchester and using almost all of the runway to stop. Also you can use the A330 but depending on weight and speed it can stop quickly. There are many IRL routes with heavies that fly into MAN. Hope u enjoy ur JFK-MIA or vice versa route

Bad fpl, only 1 waypoint, no sids or stars, I would recommend to use them.

Basic flight but good scenery out of Miami.

Try different types of flights. Here’s some i recommend:

KLAX-NTAA (Air Tahiti Nui 787 or Delta 767-300)

EGLL-LXGB (British Airways A320)

EGLL-YPPH (Qantas 787)

KMCO-SBKP (Azul A330-900neo)

SBKP-LPPT (Azul A330-900neo)

SKBP-LFPO (Azul A350-900)

Have fun!

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These are all excellent routes.

i did egll to ypph in an a380. but a qantas 787 seems more realistic

Also operated by Air France on their A359s

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7.5/10 short and common

He just…nevermind, let me not say it. 😐

That’s probably for the better 😊

SAY IT RIGHT NOW (nothing bad will happen=)