Rate my crosswind landing

Rate my crosswind landing [1-10]😁

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You need to put in rudder earlier, so you are aligned with the runway when you touch down. Otherwise, good one πŸ™‚. You may want to keep rudder control when you’ve landed, as gusts can often affect an aircraft even on the ground.


Nose wheel struck the ground too hard, other than that, great!


Yeah that happens when you Deploy the Spoilers :/

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The video looks so real! Yeah as said above, be sure to touch down facing the runway heading. Touching down sideways can cause damage to the landing gear.


Fantastic, almost real
But, you should straighten up a little earlier, and you came down a little hard, and bounced to the side
Other than the INCREADABLY SMALL mistakes with the landing as stated above, it was a fantastic landing. Truly fantastic
Btw, nice music, 21 pilots stressed out, what remix?

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Trap Nation

Wow, fast reply, thank you.

As I said, it was a great landing

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pretty good stuff…i gave you a #9

Not perfectly aligned with the runway, and the rudder also needed to be applied earlier, but still an awesome landing!

  1. Do it in cockpit view.
  2. Apply rudder earlier, as @Giacomo_Lawrance said.
  3. Without music is better.
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I said 7 only because the landing wasn’t as soft as it could be, so I suggest you flare a little more. Input rudder a little earlier, and reign slowly bring the nose down. Other than that it was great! It looked very realistic

Way better then I can do lol

Nice but I wouldn’t begin rollout until you wheels hit the runway.

That music is so loud.

Fabulous with this song but nose wheel struck the ground a little

Very hard touch :///

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Better than what I can do.

Great landing! You might want to rudder a bit before touchdown