Rate my controlling!

Anyone flown in/out of KLAX in the past 20-30 minuets (on Playground) ? I was Tower!


If you have a lot of ATC expierence and interested in becoming Advanced ATC contact me . // Advanced Recruiter

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I would like to become an Advanced ATC Controller.

Where ya from ?
How old are you ?

Amarillo, Texas. 25 years old.

Awesome 14 is minimum age.
I will be home in 3-4 hours. I’m in Maryland. So we’re close to same time. 1:30 here atm

Okay sounds good. It’s 12:30 here central time. I am also talking with Tyler Shelton, he also said he would like to do the testing today or tomorrow. If you two know each other, maybe y’all can coordinate together? Just a heads up. I’m good either way.

Yes. He and I and several other testers work together

If he or I get to you first is fine. He is the head of all ATC

Just message me if he tests you before I can arrange it

He just messaged me back and it looks like he won’t be available to test until tomorrow, so if you are available today, we can get it knocked out!

Don’t jump between recruiters, it makes them hard to track you