Rate my approach at Kai Tak!

I was flying as ‘Cathay 703’ at the Kai Tak fly-in event. I was using the butter machine a330, but looks like even the Butter machine failed at the stunning approach at kai tak.

Aircraft: A330-300
Flight time: 2hrs 30min
Date: 17th May

Hard right turn at the final + 11 knots crosswind!
Anyways rate the landing out of 10!

Sorry for the bad quality…


We can’t see it

Didn’t upload properly - please wait for the upload to hit 100% before posting the topic.

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Sorry I was having issues with the uploading as it can’t take more than 4 mb…
Now its fixed! 👍

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It looks good!

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Thanks! So whats your rating Overall?

Hmmm… maybe an 8?

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Rate the approach

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Thanks for your rating!

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Your welcome! It’s the least I can do.

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Also…btw im currently in the ATC recruiting process
Passed the written test at 80% and now preparing for the practical…