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I’n not talking about it in comparison to others or by its complexity. I don’t like something doley based off if thar. I’n talking about based off of my standards and experience.

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Good point.

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Creative description?!

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IF is fairly new, it’s a great game in general but still needs a lot of polishing to do left.

Emphasis on “a lot” lol. It’ll get there though.

its probably just your device, on my 6+ it does that (if settings high) but on my ipad air 2 its excellent

It will definitely get there, I’m expecting it to become #1 iTunes/GPlay flight simulator app by the end of 2017 I’d say :)

Hey, your profile pic is the NYC subway R32!

Yeah at the rate it’s growing, I’m sure it will:)

Terrain needs a lot of processing power so as to be renderd with quality. Since this flight sim is for hand held devices, every effort might be directed to have HQ planes and airports layout.

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Well said. It’s understandable for that very reason you just said. For mobile device, the terrain is good.

I have closed all polls in this topic. Thank you all for voting! Here are the final results:

  • Overall Realism…
    Average Rating: 3.77
  • Terrain Quality…
    Average Rating: 2.53
  • Aircraft Quality…
    Average Rating: 4.3
  • Aircraft Sound Effects…
    Average Rating: 3.85
  • Overall Quality of IF LIVE…
    Average Rating: 4.11

This poll thread turned out great with some nice final results.

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