Rate and Review Infinite Flight on App and Google Store!

Infinite Flight is way down at the bottom in the simulator category (Apple App Store, not sure about Google Play store) and that’s because nobody rates or reviews the app in the App and Google store! IF definitely, without a doubt, has the capability to be at the very top! The more people review and rate, the higher IF climbs in the ratings and more people will see the app! So in other words, the more we rate and review, the bigger the IF community grows as we attract more players!



It depends on what context actually

The category is Simulators, not Flight Simulators…

I give 4 star maximum and still number 25 rank?

Well even if you give 4, haters can give 1 and pull the rating down lol

This is excellent application whoever rate 1 star ranking with out good accepting purpose will receive scolding from me for trying to harm Infinite Flight


Your scolding won’t do anything… Just live with it

But there are people like to create problem and give a one single star but this game very good so if you give this game one star with no accepting reason just for fun preparing your self for a long discussing with me

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Alright buddy we know that you like IF a lot and so does all of us, but there are definitely valid ways for people to rate it one star according to what they think.

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It’s 101st in the Italian Store…

@poppingspices To rise in ranking more people gotta download it, since charts on the App Store are based on popularity and not on reviews.

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