RAT on Airbus in IF

Where would the rat be located at on the Airbus family as I looked and didn’t see no doors that open or any doors that would be in the location of where it would be. Not a big deal but noticed it’s not there

It’s under the plane.

Oh, you mean IF? The RAT doesn’t function in IF.

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And it’s something that you deploy, it’s not deployed on its on the whole flight.

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I know it’s something that you deploy but the IF version doesn’t even have the doors for the RAT

1- What is this doing in #support ?
2- Google it
3- Not in IF


*Ive moved this to #general as the #Support topic is more for requests for help in relation to potential bugs or flaws with the working of the game.


I’m pretty sure that the RAT doors in real life aren’t that obvious, especially on perfectly clean planes like we have. Maybe Global can have them as a feature when you have a IFSD? That would be a better suggestion rather than make a addition to a livery just so that a door is more obvious.

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For a minute I thought you where talking about recreating an emergency landing in infinite flight where a rat was causing disruption and caused they plane to make an emergency landing (true story) what do you actually mean?


YouTube rat on Airbus and you will see what I mean

The RAT (Ram Air Turbine) is a little fan that will automatically deploy if both engines have failed and are not producing any hydraulic pressure for the blue system in the Airbus for example, so using the airflow while the plane is still gliding the fan in the RAT spins and drives a hydraulic pump that gives power to the blue system.

The RAT on the Airbus is usually behind or in front of the wing, on the A380 it’s on the first flap fairing. On Boeing aircraft it would usually be behind the wing, well at least for the 777

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