RAT (electrical system for emergencies)

I just simulated an emergency landing. There are a few things I would like to discuss. First, a fully functional cockpit. We should be able to use each instrument through a functional cockpit. The second thing is a RAT. A RAT is an electrical system in case of emergencies. In the nose section on the right hand side of the fuselage, is where the RAT is located. In emergencies, (we should be able to simulate real life emergencies), where you lose speed, the rat comes out of its door, goes under the airplane, and has a propeller which helps to attract speed to your aircraft. I hope we have an update that includes real emergencies like fire, or etc. This simulator has grown so much, and I hope it continues to grow.



I think someone could make an exeption and make this a feature request, would be great

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If there is an especific aircraft you would like to see that features, feel free to search for that aircraft on #features. And if it isn’t there you can also create a post with that feature. As you are a new member on the community you can’t post on that category, but if you keep active on the community like giving likes, reading posts you will reach the necessary level soon!

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Can’t believe I never knew what a RAT was 😬

But I agree, this would be cool to have.

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Hey @TheTravelManUSA_360
Welcome to the community! These are both feature requests and should be put in the feature category. Sadly, you cannot post there until you are trust level 2 (you are currently level 0). To get to TL 2 keep engaging in the community! As for the working cockpit feature. This has already been requested and you can vote for it bellow. Welcome again!

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