Rashya_Keitaro's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


My name is Rashya, I’m currently in process for reapplying IFATC and I may need your help to come and stop by at my airport that I’ll open later to retrain my controlling skills. Hopefully I can done this as soon as possible. Thanks!


Hey there! Feel free to tag me when you open.

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Tag me next time you open as well

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EDDM Open runway 08’s

@FN60fps @Butter575


I’ll join shortly!

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Feedback from (OK-LOL)


  • The pattern entries, clearances (traffic directions when needed), well-timed exit runways, and runway changes were on point. Great work!

Note: If the aircraft slows down to or below 70kts and you issue the exit runway, but then the aircraft takes off again. No worries, you did it correctly; send a “Disregard the last message” as you did.


  • Transition at 3K was too low for EDDM elevation. Here is a formula that I like to use to find the perfect transition for every airport.
  1. Find your airport elevation on airport information
  2. Add 2500ft to your airport elevation
  3. Once you have calculated your results, round it to the nearest 500.
  4. You have successfully found the perfect transition for your airport!

Thanks for your excellent service, @Rashya_Keitaro - I wish you nothing but the best on your IFATC process!

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Hi there! First of all thanks for stopping by!

I’m sorry about the transition, quite forgot about the formula to be honest. Thank you for reminding and teaching about transitions tho! appreciate that, it was helpful ngl. Hope to see you soon, Thanks!

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EDDM closed.

Tag me next time you open

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