Rashya_Keitaro's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN]

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread! my name is Rashya and I am currently 14 years old. I’m currently at Written Status and still quite far from becoming an IFATC Specialist. My training journey to become an IFATC will start from here. I will try to open some airports around the world everyday to make my ATC skills better. Wish me luck! ✌🏻

Current Status

Status: Closed
Server: Training
Airport: N/A
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Opening Time: Z
Duration: 30 Minutes


WALL Open:

  • Runway in use: 07
  • Pattern work allowed
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NZWN Open:

  • Runway in use 34
  • pattern work allowed

KSAN Open:

  • Runway In Use: 27
  • Pattern Work Allowed
  • Open Until 0600Z

EDDM Open:

  • runway in use: 26L and 26R
  • pattern work allowed
  • open till 0900Z

I see that EDDM was closed

Can you edit it to CLOSED?

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sorry, i forgot to edit.

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VTBS Open:

  • runway in use: 01L and 01R
  • pattern work allowed
  • open until 1000Z

I can come in two:)

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Sorry had to run! Very impressive skills you’ve got there:))

  • I was on downwind when I asked runway change so you should have told to enter downwind not base!
  • After Transition I called inbound rather you sequenced me…
    Just correct me if I’ve gone wrong somewhere 😂Everything was great thank you:)
    Just here and there and you’ll be one of us soon:))
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thanks for coming sharan! sorry for the mistakes, i’ll try to do better next time! see you next time!

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RJBB Open:

  • runway in use: 24L and 24R
  • pattern work allowed
  • open until 0900Z

@Sharan.Somayaji @stm.aviation @Abdurobb @Juiceinaglass @Gritz @Raihan_Yudanto


  • Runway in use: 23L and 23R
  • pattern work allowed
  • open until 1130Z
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Feedback for (HA-PPY):-

  • 10:53Z: Takeoff Clearance: I would have preferred right traffic, as there was less terrain than left traffic (both had terrain though).
  • 10:58: Runway Change One: You ignored my first “requesting change command”, but seems like you had internet issues, no worries.
  • 11:00Z: Online again: I was about to land on 23R when you were offline, when I was cleared for 23L, you came back online seconds from touchdown, you caught me ;)
  • 11:02Z: Sequence: Great use of sequence command! Nice Job!
  • 11:05Z Runway Change Two: All good!
  • 11:05Z: Landing Clearance: Unnecessary use of “after the option, make left traffic”, as I was already on left traffic pattern and I would already know which direction to go to after the option.

Overall, Great session! I enjoyed it a lot!

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thanks for the feedback! and sorry for some of the mistakes. Thanks for coming to my session!


  • runway in use 34s
  • pattern work allowed
  • open until 1230Z

LGAV Open:

  • Runway in use 21s
  • pattern work allowed
  • open until 1445Z


  • rw in use: 10L and 10R
  • pattern work allowed
  • open for 1 hour

No issue on my side, great job

Best Regards,
Air China 888

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thanks anthony! thanks for coming to my session also!

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