Rarest Catch?

My rarest catches ever at JFK in New York City was a Qatar Airways A340-600, and some unknown airline (didn’t get to see the airline) was an MD-11… Unfortunately I don’t have any photos. :/

What’s the rarest aircraft you’ve ever seen? I’d like to know. :D


My Grandfather had a Steerman that he rebuilt in his 70’s … all from memory … Finished with blue n white paint scheme, this aircraft was stunning and flew like an angel!

Azerbaijan A340-500
Kuwait Government A340-500
Etihad A340-500
Emirates A340-500
Rossiya Ilyushin Il-96-300
Cubana Antonov An-158
Delta 767-400ER is technically rare even though they are heavily concentrated in the USA
Kalitta 747-200F, 747-100F
Icelandair, Delta 757-300 (Both technically rare)


Space shuttle and carrier when I was younger

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a plane landing at atl while i was passing a highway the runway was right above me. also not sure if this counts but at EWR when i was landing there was a bunch of emergency vehicles following this aircraft

I got to see a HiFly A340-313X at Townsville, Registration CS-TQY. I was watching it land, as I was at the end of the runway, and got out of the car to watch it take off. I didn’t get photos, but someone else did!

(HiFly A343)

Also, Got to see a C-5 Galaxy at Townsville. They were transporting a B737 Simulator, and I was amazed. Registration 70-0451.

(USAF C-5 Galaxy)
(Not My Photo’s)


PIA a310 at LBA

Stood inside the wing of one of these several decades ago. Saw it’s counterpart the giant Antonov with its two tail fat self landing towards the end of the Cold War in Alaska!

There are many planes that fly over my house but there not rare. Either a 737-700 SWA or an Delta Md-80-88

Know what airline?

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 landing at LHR.
Emirates Sky Cargo Boeing 747-400F at LHR.
Air India Boeing 787-8 at BHX.
US Airways A330-300 at MAN.

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Emirates Sky Cargo 747? Woah, nice.

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We saw Airforce One a few years ago at Heathrow, right after seeing a special Etihad A346 repaint. Also seen/been on a few antique 737-200s while living in China.

Why thank you! Thought the same thing when I saw the beast coming in!

I know this is fake, but if it was real, I’d throw all my money to be on an Emirates Boeing 747-400. Looks amazing, just imagine the interior :)


(Not my photo)

It would be lovely, but it needs to be a 747-8 like this one!
(Not my pic, I know it’s fake)


So I just came back home from being at JFK, and I added two new rares. The first one really isn’t THAT rare, a FedEx MD-11, and the second one I think is pretty rare… A SkyTeam 777-300ER. I couldn’t tell if it was KLM or AirFrance because it was a rainy day today in New York, and it was taxiing to parking on the runway. You can’t really see that far when you’re on an AirTrain lol.

My rarest catch would probably be an Volga-Dnepr IL-76 at Keflavik (I never seem to see rare aircraft😢)

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Wow! Seriously? Nice! :D