Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


I saw Rafales doing a demo flights and landing in Doha (old).


I have seen an Areo Logic 777F take off at KORD


Today I’ve seen a Virgin Atlantic Airbus a330-200 land at KLAS


Seeing a small jet or Cessna land at lax 😂


Dreamlifter and 124 together in Everett!


Date please🤩🤩 + Location


The location is Evertt over by runway 16R:)


Thanks 🙏 that helps


The one and only “747” in Indonesia


For me it’s gotta be either the Beechcraft Starship at my home airport KADS, Fifi the B-29 (also based at Addison), or NASA’s Super Guppy I saw in CA a few months ago. They might not be my favorite aircraft, but they’re definitely more rare to see on your average day. Awesome thread by the way!


My rarest aircraft i’ve seen is Airbus A319 ACJ Ukrainian Government UR-ABA when visiting Yogyakarta.
Saw this when i was grade 7 or 8 (i think). Sadly, im unable to photograph this due to equipment, airport fence & restrictions


Also the B2 bomber is my rarest for me


I saw the Spirit Of Delta special at MSP last week.


Airbus A400M above Alps


Hifly save coral reefs A380 today!


Where? What was the airline? Maybe you don’t know


Saab 340A I have seen


Would be awesome if it was flying as flight 1549! Albeit AAL not USA!


Airbus A400M flying over my house

A330 RAF at 2k feet over my bus stop


I have seen dreamlifters at least 5 times flying into my city’s air force base :)