Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


I’ve seen the “Koninklijke Luchtmacht” (Royal Airforce) DC-10 twice. Once flying over my house at around 1500ft and 1 week later at Eindhoven Airport at the other side of the runway.
Scared me when it flew over my house tho xd

No picture sadly…


Thank you! Yes lol you can tell because of the trees and the angle!


C130-H! Was really interesting!


I flew on a 777-200 from KLAX-KEWR yesterday!


Spotted this Qatar A350 on ENGM last week! First A350 I have ever seen!


Little Avro isn’t really rare for me anymore, but I think it is for you guys living in NA and EU

(Landing on Runway 06 at RPLL)


Every seen a pair of chinooks land on your school’s turf? I have


Low pass of a AN124 above school, first time I’ve ever seen one.


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For me it’s YS-11 and the C-2. Since both of them are Japanese made plane so most of you guys haven’t even heard of this plane right?! Well now you know;)


I have a thumb drive shaped like that plane


Anyway the two rarest aircraft I have seen are a presidential 757 and a V-22 Osprey I don’t have a picture if thoughimage

Not my photos


I used to race go karts here in Vegas and the track was right next to Nellie AFB.
But by far the rarest I’ve seen was the B2 Bomber while I was changing the tires!

Not my photo


I saw a piaggio Avanti the other day!


My mom saw one of those planes too when she was at KCHO the other day

Photo credits to: my mom


I ve also seen the Piaggio. I was playing with other kids down the street and it flew over us i think about 300-500 ft. Could not believe such a tiny plane would make that much noise. It was also one of the first times that i saw a plane in my life so i was more than thrilled


Dassault Rafale taking off LFPG and an A330 escorted by a Rafale too


I get to see the Airbus Beluga XL sometimes since they always fly over my house on final approach to the factory in Broughton!


Sometime too. In cruise to Nantes (LFRS)


I can’t confirm that it is truly the aircraft, but I thought I saw an Antonov An-124 at KMSY.


I saw a beluga take off right b4 me at KMIA and I saw Air Force one on final at KJFK (we were in middle of class and I’m like hey look that AF1)