Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


An A26 flew by me today! (My pic)


Noticed a mighty thicc contrail just now, realized it was a dreamlifter!


A Concorde at Heathrow sitting outside a hangar…


Farchild Metroliner at PHOG.


One of very few Navy C-130s that aren’t grounded!

My photo


I went to the museum of flight and the Boeing factory (Pacific Northwest perks!) and had the privilege of seeing the OG Boeing 747 “City of Everett”, that was amazing, as well as the old AF1. But the cream of the crop was that I got to , not look at, but go INSIDE a Concorde. Definitely an AWESOME experience that I’ll never forget. I’ll try to dig up some pics for you guys ;)


An-124 at CYYC as I was walking into work one day


It has been said that museum aircraft don’t count.


Sorry, didn’t see that! I haven’t seen anything exciting then


I just took a picture and a video of the is aircraft the Boeing 757-200 and a 757-300


Not really rare but I thought it was pretty cool because I’ve never seen them up close before


I have a lot more…but that’s for another day


I caught the Emirates Expo 2020 livery on Saturday. Registered A6-EON.


I saw a American Airlines 787-8 at KORD today


I saw a bearclaw Metroliner at Toronto Pearson.


LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 (flown in one) but the rarest i’ve seen is probably a MD-11F UPS or a DHL A300F (At Luton Airport)


A WestJet 737-600 at KLGA. Rare, only 56 were ever built.


JetBlue FDNY and WestJet Frozen at MRLB


Great stuff! Is it at the LAX In’N’Out @N492ED ??


I once saw the B-29 FIFI