Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


I am a fan of these planes. Out here in Shannon airport these planes often come here for a visit as a stop before the Atlantic Sea. They fly there many times until once i got the chance to visit it, Why do i LOVE these planes? Also, rare, but back that time I heard a roar inside of my house. I knew this was not normal on a plane at an altitude of 33,000ft. I immediately took a look on my flight radar and it was indeed Antonov 124. But this was not my first time. I then started to push notifications and observed these planes since last year. Check out my reply on @flightradar24 findings to see my full list of aircrafts including them. Also my Youtune channel has the Volga 124 taking off close in that airport. Hey, sorry for that long reply but I love Russian planes! 😄🇷🇺


a b-52
hp halifax


Not counting museum pieces, probably the rarest I’ve actually seen fly was a Hawker Hunter. Was operated civilly under Navy contract during RIMPAC one year. Pretty cool to see.

Another I always remember, there is a McDonnel 220 sitting at KELP. Saw it on the rare occasion I stopped in for fuel there. Was never able to confirm if it is still airworthy or not.

NASA has their still operational Super Guppy at ELP also. The FBO guys said it flies sometimes but I never got to see it.


I already saw that concord in New York




This photo is not mine but once I flew in one of these


I’ve actually been to that museum like 7 times before.


I saw an AN-124 Ruslan cargo aircraft at KMSY once.


That white 727 looks like its Contract Air Cargo because their fleet has 727’s all white.


I saw a TRUMP Airlines 727 in Atlanta once. About a year ago I saw the Trump 752


Not my Photo, but I saw this beauty at KFLL once!


Yesterday an Ukraine Air Alliance AN-12 passed near my house in Toronto. Came from Cleveland. Pretty rare, only time seeing an AN-12 so far.


Just remembered, when I was in the bus heading to Abu Dhabi, the UAE Air Force C-17 flew over us. It was very close too and it was huge!


I’ve seen airforce 1


same here it was awesome!(at the Army Navy game 2018)


Saab 37 viggen at a airshow a couple years of ago it’s retired nicknamed the thunderbolt image Credits http://www.sverige.cz/draken-viggen-gripen-aneb-svedske-nebe-nad-ostravou/


Mine isn’t too special but I had an Garuda Indonesia with the Sky Team livery taking off from Schiphol.


Great Picture!


The Holy Grail of American aviation! Air Force One!


Seen one of these while heading home from cape Verde Ruby_Star_Antonov_An-12_EW-275TI_at_PRG_airport_02-678x381

Photos not mines, heres the link https://airlinegeeks.com/2018/03/18/aircraft-departure-leads-to-gold-and-silver-rain-in-russia/