Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


Credits: self
Antonov 124 at the North apron at HKJK earlier today.

Don’t get me wrong, these do fly here occasionally but this is the first time I’ve managed to snag a close pic of it. I’ve seen it twice before though.


Upon landing i saw an An-124 (Volga) at EGCC taxxing to the runway. Unfortunately by the time i got my phone out, it was the far end of the taxiway and i only got a blurry photo but that will stick woth me forever.
Apart from that not much so far.


That would of been the An-225. I saw a documentary about that very flight and how the worlds largest plane works.


Most rarest? The AN225! It popped up at Calgary in 2012! It was the best thing ever!

(I feel bad for the poor CRJ in the last clip lol)
(Not my videos)


It’s been one year since I’ve posted this, and within that year I’ve actually been on board an A321NEO.


My dad saw an Quantis A380 at DFW


Sorry I meant Qantas


LOT 787-9 Independence Livery (SP-LSC)


747 Dreamlifter at Boeing factory charleston sc

also a B-17 Flying fortress!
also a CH 53 and a Huey and A super cobra
and Four F18s all over my house and also during Marine week in NC


AN124 at O’Hare or Atlas Air 747 at KBDL


2 Air New Zealand A321neos, Atlas Air 747-400F, both Air New Zealand leased 777s @Auckland.


" Incognito " Atlas Air 747 leaving my home airport in which the largest aircraft we get on a daily basis is a 757.


I guess it’s this one now. Even though there’s four of them there’s technically only one I guess?


I’d say the Royal Brunei Government’s Airbus A340-200


I saw Southwest Louisiana One today at MSP!


Air koryo tuplevs


I’ve seen the Red Arrows before, and I saw something which looked like a Boeing C-17 Globmaster.


I’ve got a great choice, Beluga and Xl, Lancaster, Vulcan, Phantoms,


I managed to see multiple B747 cargo aircraft, 5 A380’s, multiple B777 and B787’s. All at LAX. At KNEW (New Orleans Lakefront) I’ve seen B-29’s, B-17’s, and a special C-47 (It was the second C-47 to drop paratroopers over Normandy during D-Day) co-piloted by my uncle. Somewhere in a desert state (Arizona maybe?) I saw a C-5 Galaxy and an F-16 of the Thunderbirds.


I’ve seen a really old design at Hagerstown. I don’t know the aircraft type, but it was a WWII era push-pull design (One propeller at the front and one at the back). I’ve also seen B-17s, C-5 Galaxies, C-17’s, 737 MAXs, A320 NEOs, and A380s (does that count?).