Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


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Too tiny to be one of dem


I went to the smithsonain over the summer, though I don’t think they count. I’ve already posted my rare sightings, though I’m pretty sure that I haven’t told about the time (was really young, can’t remember year) when I saw a KLM trijet (DC-10 or MD-11) taking of at CYYZ.


Totally the 172. Just kidding actually I have not seen a write brother aircraft. I have always wanted to.


Boeing Dreamlifter at my home airport RCTP (TPE) while taking off.


I don’t often be around Airports so the rarest I seen is an MD-82 operated by Airfast Indonesia reg. PK-OCS


Didn’t get a good shot of neither of them but oh well
PAWA Dominicana MD-87

And a PAWA Dominicana DC-9-30

I’ve seen rarer(is that a word?) aircraft but I didn’t capture them


Singapore’s A350-900ULR. It was at my hometown airport, Newark. Arrived as I departed.


Not rare, but a c-17 flying low over my house.


I saw the British Prime Minister arrive at EGLL in a Concord. I believe it was Gordon Brown or Tony Blair 🤔


I’m not sure which one it was but I also saw an Antonov when I was in Korea. I think it was delivering some type of generator to Australia 🇦🇺


Had the pleasure of seeing one of these drop agent during a wildfire in California. This is what I want to fly!!!


I saw the samaritans purse dc-8 when I was on my school bus! Sorry for the poor quality because it was spur of the moment.


Antonov 124, such a beautiful sound as this approached Shannon airport, Ireland from Bologna, Italy. I’ve recorded the sound and it is so good. Thanks to Flightradar24! ♥️

Unfortunately, I could not send the video because it said it was not authorised. Jpg, jpeg, … whatever I’ll have to sort that.


I saw an Antonov 124 a few weeks ago at Düsseldorf Airport


Saw the Lancaster bombers last flight over Lake Windermere once. Pictures are lost in time


I saw the AN225 at Dallas Fort Worth


The Boeing Dreamlifter at RCTP/TPE.


At my home GA airport, Van Nuys, they have an old DC-3 that is painted in the United Livery as it used to fly for united.

Reg: N814CL



Air Force One with 2 F-18’s “escorting” it