Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


@Jeffrey_Varga The first pic looks more like an IL-76 to me, which is also a very rare one.


Hm, either one is decently rate though.


A B-24. This happened this last Sunday, and it took off from Alliance (KAFW) and flew over the hospital I was visiting my Grandma at. I didn’t see it, but I heard it. My Grandpa saw it, though.


Lots and lots of emirate a380 and british a380 near where i live, I live close to london heathrow
not really rare but yeah .r.i.p…


Avro Lancaster Mk. X, Bomber built in 1945, Civil Registration: C-GVRA, one of only two which remain in flying condition (one lives in Canada, the other in Great Britain). Saw it on November 11, 2018 above Brantford, Ontario, Canada, and we are extremely lucky to get to see it often, as it lives only 40km away!

This photo from the Remembrance Day flyover is of the Lancaster, a B-25 and an RCAF Hercules.


A U-2 aircraft flying at a show


A Boeing 747 SVA (AF1)


747 SOFIA in Queenstown, NZ


I live close to the Boeing factory, and I saw a 737Max being built for JAL…
I took a pic, but it’s small and blurry, my zoom isn’t the best…


Got booked onto a Delta 777-200LR from ATL to LAX. I think there’s only 50 or so around in service globally. Didn’t get a good photo, but the most memorable thing was the loud engine rumble on start, something I’ve never noticed on 77W’s I’ve flown on.


Emirates a380…oh wait XD

Cathay Pacific a350 (I live in the U.K so yeah)


A restored b-24 liberator


Probably the restored B-17 flying at IWM Duxford in the UK, or the restored Lancaster that is used for flyovers in London. (I used to live under the flyover flightpath).


SR-71 Black Bird at my local National Gaurd Airbase.


I’ve seen a P-08 Poseidon doing patterns at PVD.


I’v seen an IL-96 or some sort alone that line

Also a 727-100 taking off. That thing was lound!


I’ve been on the Lufthansa Airbus A380, the Lufthansa 747- 400, and even the recent Airbus A350 ULR, but the most rare plane (in my opinion) I’ve been on was the KLM McDonell Douglas MD-11 FINAL FLIGHT! I even got a cirtificate!


That’s an A340, not an IL-96.


A plane you’ve probably never heard of.

The PZL M-28 skytruck

Saw it flying over Mielec a couple times when I went to visit family


I double checked after I posted and ya, i’m sorry, I thought it was.