Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


It’s time for an update lol. Saw a 737-200 flying for a Canadian mining company.

Also a Plus Ultra A340-300 running a charter for SATA at YYZ, it comes twice a week.

Sorry for the bad quality


dang, those things are still flying???!!! I thought they all were taken out of service!


It’s the same as above for me:


@Charlie_Boothe yup, there’s 3 of them left.

@Randomguy12 Dang your picture’s so much better than mine. Where’d ya take it?


You know the Wendy’s near runway 23? I caught it in the parking lot behind. I also hear there is a parking garage which you can go up the stairs and planespot


I have had the AN-225 vist KBGR(my local commercial airport), but I wasn’t able to see it IRL because I was busy. Here is a video on YT of it landing there: https://youtu.be/PUfaMa6R9oc
it is not my video, as I have never seen it IRL unfortunately


The B757 airforce 2 take off out of my local airport kavp



The Antonov 225 once came to my local airport TISX in the early 2000’s but I was too young to remember it. Recently (last Sunday) it’s smaller brother the 124 came though. Got to get up close with it. Sadly I couldn’t get out of the van because I didn’t have a badge nor a safety vest. However, it’s better than being stuck outside by the fence.

Was able to catch spirit taxiing off the runway in the last pic too.


I’ve seen the fire tanker 747. As far as I know, there’s only one operational one in the world…


Mine was a aliens and prisoner transport plane at atlanta when I went up there for a couple days before school started up again last summer.


Honest question, why did the US add ‘Alien’ to the name and nobody cares.


Well found this guy!


Is that one of them UFO submarine thingys?


It’s a Boeing 377


At KIND, there is a FedEx 727 parked seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I did some research (because you can find this plane if you’ve ever flown in or out of KIND) and I figured out its now used as a ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Firefighting) trainer. Here’s a Pic

(I found the photograph HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ataindy/ )

Now, I’m going to make an outrageous claim, that I saw the B-2 Spirit overhead. I was very young, but I had just read a book about it and I remember looking overhead, and saw this outline of that bird. It was probably something else, but Ill keep that memory close.


Two of the rarest aircraft I have seen.

N424KT 1958 DeHavilland Otter DHC-3

Bell X-1 6062, Glamorous Glennis, on October 14, 1947 this plane, piloted by Captain Yeager broke the sound barrier for the first time in history.


Good old K2!


Well, when I went to Amsterdam, there passed a Douglas DC-3 over Amsterdam… I was very happy to see a DC-3 in flight


I have seen an AN124 at Washington Dulles. American Airlines TWA livery on a 737.