Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


FedEx at Manchester Airport before I boarded for Crete


Manchester airport UK


Recently got to work with Gunfighter who was a flight of 2 F35s


My dad saw a British Airways 747 at Denver I’ntl

Here is is!! Ohyea



I don’t really know if this is actually rare or not, but a few days ago I saw an aircraft fly over with the US Airways livery still on it.


kind of rare!


I have never seen this before I’m from Ireland so this might not be be rare at all Im not sure


Is that the Alaska salmon livery?


Saw an AN-124 at LAX!!


yep that is the fish plane



The British Airways “firefly” livery from the London 2012 Olympics flew over my house quite a bit during 2012, whenever it flew into Gatwick. It is a one of a kind livery (the only one) as it carried the Olympic torch from Athens to Cornwall in the UK. Unfortunately, they removed the livery and it now operates as a standard BA A319. The thing I like most is that people who fly on the plane probably have no idea that it was such an important piece of British history!

All back to normal :(

These are not my photos btw

British Airways "Firefly" A319 Livery

A fokker 27 and 50! 😍

And KC-10 tanker C130 C17! :D and more really rare birds


Yeah I think so I think it’s the special livery


an american owned yak 55
beech duke


I saw a B2 Spirit at KNFW (Carswell AFB)


I’ve seen DC-3
(Not my picture)


rarest airplane I have ever seen in general? Or rarest airplane I have seen that was still in operation?


Any rare plane. Weather in operation or not. :)


okay. In that case, when I was at the boeing air museum in Seattle, I saw a replica of one of the first airplanes that boeing ever made. IDK, does that still count even though it was a replica and not the real thing? It was a full-size replica