Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


I a C-17 and some helcopters from the US Marines from my house in Dallas, Texas flying to I guess San Antonio.


A few weeks ago I was landing at KORD, and I saw the A330-900neo! (It was on its world tour at the time)


Kalitta Air 747-200F at OKBK


A V-22 and a B-25! Saw them at the same time, at KBJC


Also, had a chance to go in the V-22! I couldn’t take pictures though.


Nice! I live in Boulder. I visit KBJC all the time. I flew there once, very nice airport to land at.


i’ve flown with it many times


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By far the rarest bird I’ve seen. Taken Oct. 24 2016 @ the Mojave Air & Space Port.


Endeavor’s final flight back in 2012. Did a low pass over JPL. Notice the NASA F/18s

not pictured or seen, but heard were several other F/18s working security


Cool! I live in Lafayette, but I’m in Michigan now


One of my rarer catches: Wamos Air 747 leaving CGK bound for MAD


KLM MD-11 i saw a Toronto years ago


Was on a local cross country to Shobdon EGBS where we stumbled upon this beauty - a P51B that was there. The owner showed us around it and was a great guy but we had to fly out before the clouds rolled in…awesome!


Saw your picture of the Estonian an2 antonov, been in its hanger, its based in ämari airbase, few of my mates flew in it.


I don’t know if it’s rare, but I spotted a tui livery at gate 204 right next to my flight at Manchester


I’ve seen Air Force one at KGSO