Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


MRJ70,at Nagoya (Komaki)It was a great sight
I’ve also seen a space shuttle launching (don’t know which one cause we were on the road)
Lufthansa A346,not many these days at KCLT
Antonov at KCLT


I see a Dornier Do-328JET-310 at KBUF a few times it flys here often.


Probably an Iran Air 747SP or an Iraqi Airways B747


Here’s another pic of the SCA:


I’ve seen an unmarked 727 on the apron on the other side of the runway at Doncaster (EGCN)


Saw a FedEx 727 (N221FE) at KDAY (Dayton Int’l)


Yup she rests there… permanently. Used for a school. KDAY is actually my home airport so you get used to it often.


Oh! How interesting!
Never knew that


(Taken recently) Air Tansat A310 taxiing for takeoff from Barcelona! (Sorry for the bad quality.😅)


I once saw a Qatar airways globe master at Manchester airport


I live in Dayton and every Dayton airshow and I always wondered why it just sits there.


Since AirBERLIN was retired, I actually saw one of their planes because of Virgin Atlantic reusing their aircrafts. I saw it a few weeks ago at Luton I believe!


I’ve seen a C-130 737 max 8 and 9 on the same day a C-47 and a Cessna 208



I was just saying that now I know that.


Air Force One.

I know the quality sucks but I was in the isle seat with an iPhone 6s (dosent zoom well)


This will be rare in the future :)
I’ve seen the MRJ but didn’t have anything that I could use to take an pic


I’ve seen a V22 Osprey flying over my house


Planes at KCLT on short final legit fly directly over my house.
I’ve seen some pretty decent stuff fly over.
I recall seeing a C130,A346,F15,Random Helicopter I don’t know of,Air Force 1 and Antonov.


I’ve seen the spitfire and lancaster bomber flyover my work building