Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?

Which B-29 do you know?

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B-29, P-38, and an authentic Japanese Zero.


I have seen a DC-8 fly over my house. Wasn’t too long ago aswell, happened like a month ago!


I guess the rarest aircraft I seen was a DC-9. Luckly for me I would say the P180 Avanti but I see it many times a month.

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I saw a 732 at the old Edmonton City Airport.

I could’ve been a 733

This beauty has its homebase at the Euroairport in Basel (LFSB). And because that’s where I live, I see it flying regularly especially during the summer months.

We also have an Airbus A310 and a Boeing 757 of DHL and an Antonov AN-12 cargo plane here sometimes. There are some interesting planes to catch here, if you’re lucky.

(Not my picture)


747-VC25 and 76 Gas DC-3.

I think it would have to be a Saab 35C draken. English translation for draken is dragon but ”draken” in swedish could also mean kite, which its reffering to (the wingshape has the form of a kite).

There’s two old 727’s parked north of the C concourse at KDEN. They’ve been there for years and I have no idea what they’re there for.


The Vulcan at Doncaster (EGCN) didn’t get any pictures as I was young.

Since I live near KSAN, the rarest thing I’ve seen is a Dash-8… rip


I have seen a 727-200 before but im not sure if it counts because it had one wing but the rarest plane that was able to fly I have ever seen was an Air Transet A310 at GLA,

Japanese F-4s on Andersen Airbase (PGUA) didn’t get a photo chase I was 6.

Dreamlifter at Frankfurt Hahn.

Whatever this thing was, some WWII era Estonian transporter in Tallin.


When I was in New York, I visited the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum where British Airways Concorde Alpha Delta is located. With the purchase of a rare ticket, I was able to enter the Concorde. This Concorde was one of the most famous of them all due to a bunch of records the jet broke. Here are some photos from the Plane.


A FedEx MD-11 while taxiing in a Singapore airlines A380 at Singapore! Or perhaps the Concord (display) at LHR while taxiing in an SIA A380 to head to Singapore!


I’ve seen the Lufthansa a321 in the retro '60s livery. That’s pretty rare since only one exists.

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American Airlines PSA livery at Washington Reagan

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I think thats an antonov AN3.

When I was coming back from seeing the eclipse, I saw a B-2 stealth bomber flying overhead. Or the Aerolíneas Argentinas A340-300 in skyteam livery that I saw this morning at the Madrid airport.


C-130, F-18, F-22, F-117, all at airshow. F-117 did a low subsonic pass, but some are seen often as I live near an active base. Also have seen Apache helos going from base to base. But rarest sighting, seeing as it’s no longer flown, was in 1994, i was 10, the 747 piggy backing the space shuttle Columbia from Kennedy Space Center to Palmdale for maintenance. Got to get within 200ft of it. My grandfather had worked for the Apollo and Shuttle programs. Stopped at my home airport KHSV, the rocket city to give NASA and civilians a chance to see what they helped create because this is the home of the Marshall Space Flight Center and where Von Braun developed the American space program. Also saw Air force One and motorcade when Trump was campaigning for the presidency. Came here twice. Capture _2017-12-28-14-32-50
Pic courtesy of Huntsville Times