Rarest aircraft you’ve seen?


What’s the rarest aircraft you’ve seen flying or at an active airport? (Not on display at a museum)

(I am aware that there is a topic similar to this, but the last reply was in June)

I would say the last demonstration of a 744 (united’s Friend Ship)


Read the spoilers mate


I’ve seen a B-29 on its way to Oshkosh the past few years, pretty awesome plane!


Nothing special, just a A380.


A B787, I know this is common but I don’t do a lot of plane spotting


I’ve seen a B-29 bomber which was the airplane that dropped the first nuclear bombs during WWII


I seen the AN225 once. Such a beauty😍


Seen a C-5B a few years ago, directly over my house (The sound was just amazing), and at my high school during PE, saw an Antonov 124 cruising above, even able to hear the Progress “Hum” for the first time.


I’ve seen a gee bee😂


Merlin III at my local airport. I’ve seen 1 of two to ever land at my airport. Bottom photo courtesy of my friend Garrett.


The rarest aircraft I’ve seen was this Mitsubishi MRJ-90 at KMHT, as Mitsubishi has a maintenance facility here in Manchester, NH apparently :)


Piaggo P180 Avanti. Ugly and loud.


I’ve seen the Orbis DC-10 if that’s rare. I’ll try and dig through my photos for a pic.


I really haven’t seen rare aircraft… I have seen a FedEx DC-10, but that’s it.


I saw the last flying F4 Phantom earlier this year.


I’ve seen the whole Air Force one getup with the C17 transports too.


Oh and I’ve also seen the beautiful Air Force One carrying the most powerful man in the world 🇺🇸💪🏻


The TAP Portugal Stopover aircraft


iSaw the last F4 Phantom at WOH with @Matt737


Cathay Pacific 747-8F at CYYC