RARE United Airlines 777-200 At DFW Airport + Qatar A350-1000 & More

Today we had a rare United Airlines 777-200ER visit Dallas/Fort Worth! They brought the Los Angeles Rams to play against the Cowboys tomorrow.

Here are some other pictures. I apologize for low-ish quality as they were recorded with my phone.

Qatar Airways | A350-1000XWB | A7-ANH | DOH-DFW:

United Airlines | 777-200ER | N778UA | LAX-DFW:

American Airlines | 777-200ER | N797AN | LHR-DFW:

Cathay Pacific Cargo | 747-8 | B-LJD | LAX-DFW:

American Airlines | 777-300ER | N735AT | HKG-DFW:

Which one’s your favorite?


Love that 777. Perfect lighting.


I 😍 that UA and QATAR


nice vignette on that last picture. enjoyed


I don’t think that’s a vignette


Cool pictures! I actually flew that exact United 772 on May 24, in business class from San Francisco to Chicago!

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Good pictures except that Cathay pacific is little too grainy

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It definitely is. I just switched it out for a different frame that’s a little better and had a red light on the aircraft’s underside.

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Don’t fret, it’s fine. I’ve used a phone for spotting. Even with the low quality, they’re great!

Despite the phone quality, great pics! The rams are coming to Carolina next week so I plan to catch the UA 772 hopefully

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