Rare Spots at RNO

Hello IFC,
Today I present to you a few rare spots never seen here in Reno! This morning we had 2 charters operated by national airlines pull into RNO. The first one was over 2 hours late and arrived at 0400 this morning. This flight was operated by a 12 year old Airbus A300-200 coming from Fort Bliss, Texas. The second flight was a 29 year old Boeing 757 coming in from Orlando, Florida and it arrived 10 minutes before 10am this morning! Enjoy the photos!



Epic spots, love their livery 😍

Those are some neat pictures!

Do you know why they were in Reno?

Top 10 aircraft variants that were never built, number 4

Seriously though, nice pictures! Love the National Livery!

Lol used to work the A300 🤣🤣

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I believe military charters

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Lol my mind was in UPS mode when I was typing this

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