Rare sighting (pair of V-22's in Denver)

Did anyone in the Denver Metro area just catch the 2 V-22 Ospreys heading west today? Pretty rare sight for the interior. I always thought they were more of a coastal based aircraft. Rather quiet for as much that is going on. Far less noise than even a standard sized helicopter.

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I caught 2 pairs of birds today, are those the ones your looking for?

Didn’t catch them. Probably because I’ve been inside for most of the day

Excuse the terrible quality. Wasn’t near my T6i, but I got them flying over my house this afternoon. Probably around 1pm. Not sure if they went to KAPA or KBKF. Pictures taken by me couple miles south of Centennial, Denver


I spotted them heading west here in Wheat Ridge. Although they’ve had a long history of ups but mostly downs, I’d say personally they were cool to see. Nice pics.

Im in Parker to give you an idea as to where I was.

I kept a lookout for them, probably too far east. Most likely going to Buckley. Where I live, I get buzzed by chinooks on the daily.


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