Rare Reverse Pattern Takeoff From Los Angeles Airport | American A321 LAX-DFW

This is the rare reverse ops takeoff from Los Angeles. If you’re familiar with LAX’s normal operations, aircraft will commonly use Runway 24L/25R to takeoff towards the ocean, however my flight took off in the reverse direction on Runway 7L towards the city.



Great video! The only time I’ve experienced opposite operations at LAX was on QF93, we landed on 6L. That was normal because it was early in the morning, but still pretty weird.


Rare? I thought this was common in the morning…

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Early morning before the sun rises, yes it’s a pretty common procedure to land reverse, however takeoff usually continues normally.

It’s rare to see a reverse takeoff/landing during the daylight hours. The reverse pattern even continued for a few more hours.

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No joke super early in the morning sometimes they’ll depart 25R and then land 6L, which is super cool when you’re listening to ATC

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