RARE McDouglas DC-3 spotted in Weston Airport, Dublin, Ireland. ( + Work Experience )

Hey everyone.

Today I have spotted something amazing in my local airport today, just after work. I was already notified a day earlier for its arrival. It would be amazing to see it land. Although I was busy helping out some fellow engineers and workers in the maintenance hangars the time it has arrived.

Time: Thursday, 23rd of May 2019

Airport: Weston, Dublin, in Ireland.

Departure and route:

Oxford (U.S.A), Goose Bay (Canada), Kangerlussuaq (Greenland), Reykjavik City Airport (Iceland) then finally landed in Weston in Ireland.

Aircraft: McDouglas DC-3 Registration: N8336C.

There was quite a good crowd of random visitors in the airport. The visitors

Passenger Deck

Cockpit. I find these levers quite interesting.

Inside Weston Airport.
In this Airport, I took part mostly on the Maintenance Area, ATC Observation deck and Banner construction on the Piper Cub. Have in mind that I was only a visitor on the ATC Deck. While volunteered to help out others, I have managed to get into a short ride with a Raven R44 for the first time as a suprise.

View of the Airport.

A scenic shot taken from my phone of the East part of the city. I did sincerely enjoy the short round trip. Also had another guest sat in front to take some pictures.


Maintenance Hangars. Lots of Aircrafts repainted, some new. Had to help out cleaning the hangar, screw changes and take out the flaps of a Cessna 172. Also includes adjustments on the 1957 Rolls Royce P66 from 1957, one of the only 5 in the world.

Private Owners of the TBM-830 from Edinburgh, and a Pilatus PC-12 coming in from Kerry. Just sitting quietly.

Out in the far side into a closed Taxi way, it’s the Piper Cub, awaiting for departure after setting up a banner, to be set up in it’s back.

Set up clear! What happens here is that that the Piper Cub will fly fast in a low altitude. This will grab the ropes, and take the whole structure ( or banner ) with it to the front. Unfortunately cannot upload a video of it yet.

ATC Tower! Zooming in you could literally see that Piper Cub flying by with a long banner stuck on it’s back. I was only a visitor. Always loved hopping into this place just before leaving.


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