Rare look inside RAF Mt Pleasant, Falkland Islands

Technically, I wasn’t allowed to film here but an AvGeek’s urge for InFlight Footage was too strong xD

LAN A320 Landing at MPN

RAF A330 Landing at MPN


Woah, is this your YT channel? Brilliant video :)

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It certainly is! Thanks very much for you support :)

When I tried filming a takeoff of a Turkish Airlines flight, the flight attendant got upset lol.

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As long as you aren’t sitting in front of the cabin crew, they can’t see you during takeoff

I was behind the wing, and had the perfect shot. They were walking up and down the aisles :C

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Even towards takeoff? I’ve had them talk to me during taxi but I just said “ok,” and wait till they walked away #aviationrebel Shame about that :(

That was while we were holding short, about to taxi onto the runway.

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