Rare Kinda Work Day. Flying the Cheyenne Between B.C. and SoCal

Hey all - I figured I would share todays trip with you… I’m not used to that heat down south but I could sure get used it! Let me know what you guys think of the shots :)

1. Sun coming up as we head south

2. Somewhere near Pocatello

3. Vegas in the distance

4. Departure out of Yuma, AZ

5. The Salton Sea on approach into Palm Springs

6. Alaska Airlines at the terminal

7. More private jets than I’m used to seeing!

8. Northbound somewhere near Yosemite

Which one do you like?

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These pictures are absolutely stunning! Now tell me exactly where to apply for your job :P

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This is one of the best topics I have ever seen! Absolutely fantastic!

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Y e s

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Man the Piper Cheyenne is a beautiful plane. And that scenery is stunning!

Looks like it was a great flight!

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Where is the “all of them” choice? 😂

Great pictures!

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Thanks everyone!!

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