Rare Deer Jet VIP 787: Late touchdown in Melbourne

Extremely Rare Deer Jet VIP Boeing 787-8(BBJ) makes a Late Landing at Melbourne Airport - Credit: Dj’s Aviation


Didn’t look like a hard touchdown to me :/


Who’s plane is it?

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Deer Jet owns it. Talk about a soft touchdown though!

HOW DID I MISS IT??? I just slapped myself in the face, HARD

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Such a beautiful aircarft, watch both HD Melbournes and DJ’s aviation, they are really nice

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What about YMML spotting team and Aviatorspot? I agree HD Melbourne aviation is the best


It’s the only VIP configured 787 able for charter. I think it’s owned by someone in China. I read about it in Airliner World.

Ah airliner world, everyone’s crucial information source

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I read Australian aviation

Nice 787 livery👍🏻

Not my favorite livery but nice landing by the pilot

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Airways magazine, airliner world and aus aviation

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